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About Bachelor of Business Administration

‘Bachelor of Business Administration’ is a course that inculcates entrepreneurship skill in students by providing basic understanding about management education and training them in communication skills, quantitative reasoning, and business analysis.

Learning Pedagogy

The BBA Programme is a dynamic programme where the focus is on two key areas. Equipping students with in-depth knowledge of each subject relevant to their course as outlined in their syllabus and integrating it with various work scenarios and situations. Grooming them is a collaborative process which is teacher initiated and student led.

Corporate learning Model

We work on an industry based model in which training is imparted to students through regular subject-oriented classes. Simultaneously students are expected to perform various tasks and activities. Performance review, through evaluations thus becomes an ongoing process. De-briefing sessions are an integral part of all activities enabling all students to learn from each other.

Interactive curricula

Every week students go beyond their books in two subjects. This is done through case studies, presentations, quizzes, role plays and other activities all carried out by students.

Research orientated series

Keeping in mind the importance and relevance of generation, collation and interpretation of data in any business organization, students work on projects which fulfills this very basic need of any firm. We believe in revisiting each and every aspect of our department and making changes in consonance with the need of our students and the business world.

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Each semester, students are given guidelines on which they initiate and execute projects to expose them to first hand learning

First Year: Communication for Cause/ Organisation Study

Second Year: On Campus problem solving Project

Third Year: Various company related Projects

Teaching Methodology

Our daily schedule incorporates activities particularly targeted towards the overall development of the student.

The timetable incorporates the following besides regular subject lectures. All these activities are planned and executed by students.


Every day the first ten minutes are dedicated to sharing of NEWS by the students. Once a week a newsroom is conducted in which all the weekly news is discussed. This ensures their staying abreast with latest happenings in all sectors.


It is often seen that students have much to put across but falter due to lack of abilities to express themselves. To teach students to express themselves and build their confidence we run special modules. To put into practise this learning, presentations are an integral part of our daily schedule. Walking into any classroom it is most likely we would see some students presenting their thoughts.


Clubs play an important role in student life. They help to develop leadership skills, provide networking opportunities, improve managerial skills, enhance education outside of the classroom, and strengthen the overall personality of the student.

All students join a club of their choice. We get together on Friday afternoon for club activities. Every week one club organizes an event. The following are the current clubs.
  • Co-Curricular: debates, JAM, GDs, jingles, management related activities
  • Corporate Interface: industry visits, inviting guest speakers, interviews, biographies
  • Wellness: creating awareness about health and environment through interesting mediums
  • Photography: recording all events, competitions
  • Movie: playing movies with a message and for improvement of communication skills
  • Cultural: dance, music, theatre, collage making, poster making, creative writing, Antakshari,
The clubs and their activities are reviewed and students are free to move between clubs and come up with new club ideas.