Live projects on and off campus

Blaze 2K18
Blaze 2K18
December 14, 2017
Class Activities
Class Activities
April 1, 2018

Students were put on live projects during the semester. They were to choose a relevant research topic, carry out the research, gather data, collate the data and compile the report and finally present their findings through PPTs. A glimpse of the various projects which created commotion and raised heartbeats as students learned to chase deadlines and catch people for their surveys:

  • Consumer behavior towards buying branded and non-branded Apparels
  • The effectiveness of online marketing
  • Consumer perception for buying a particular cellular phone
  • Hostel Accommodation VS Paying Guest Accommodation
  • A study on Spending and saving habit of students

Secondary data projects

  • Students were asked to select an Indian and a foreign Fortune 500 Company, mine data from various sources and generate the complete Company profile including Management, working of various departments, Products, Financials, marketing strategies et al. 
  • Scrapbook Project presentation: Scrapbook presentations are the pictorial presentation of the topics. Students chose the organization and their processes and presented in the form of scrapbooks. It gave them the clarity on the concepts as the researched a lot about the various organization. Also, it is an unconventional way to present the organizational processes and hence very challenging for students. Students improved the communication, leadership skills, teamwork skills and confidence level. Also, they got the clarity on the organizational processes which a routine lecture cannot give. Since the way of presentation was different, students showed great zeal and enthusiasm in conducting the entire presentation.

Students were asked to make presentations in pictorial form and present the same along with report submission on following topics:

  1. Recruitment process of Infosys
  2. Orientation Process of Google
  3. Recruitment and Selection of Infosys, Wipro, and TCS
  4. Performance Appraisal of Google and Infosys
  5. Selection Process of L&T
  6. Recruitment and Selection Process of Apple
  7. Selection Process of Wipro
  8. Training and Development of Coke