Live projects on and off campus
Live projects on and off campus
March 28, 2018

BLAZE 2017…Blaze the trail

The aspiring young leaders of the BBA department initiated, planned and executed the annual management festival. The students aptly called it Blaze.

From conceptualization to planning, costing and budgeting, approvals and managing the live event,  the students took complete responsibility. Each team made sure that their event hit it off with the participants and audience. Blaze was planned as the blend of learning, testing, challenges, and fun.

The day began with a smart “Corporate Walk”. In which students competed with each other. The skills they learned in STEP classes were put to the test. Participants were judged on their attire, presence of mind and communication. The event was judged by the creator of the STEP programme.

Another interesting event was the “Plethora of Tasks” This brought even the shyest of students to the stage. They were picked through a draw of lots and given tasks which were either hilarious or challenging. The audience was in splits and enjoyed every moment. Even the faculty members participated with gusto.

The “Quiz” drew maximum participation and was a mix of management and general knowledge rounds. It was a close contest but finally, the best team emerged as the winner.

Many students showcased their talents be it music, dance, mimicry or theatre. The enthusiasm among students brought many to the stage spontaneously including faculty members.

Blaze 2017 was intended as an amalgamation of learning with live experience of management and it emerged as such. The students most certainly emerged as ‘Trail Blazers’ and blazed the trail…..